Outplacement support

We help your off-boarded employees find better opportunities through outplacement support. Protect your brand by offering compassionate coaching services for your former employees.

Compassionate career transitions

Our complete outplacement program helps your former employees transition quickly and successfully into their next step. Through coaching, resume and online presence support, network access, and our technology - no employee is left behind

Here for you every step of the way

Our career coaches are experts at supporting your employees through their next transition - because they are also expert recruiters. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, we use our expertise to ensure your employees will be poised to take their next career leap.

Outplacement features

Resume review / rewrite

Get professional, actionable feedback on your resume to help score that next interview. Land that dream job with a personalized, professionally crafted resume.

Digital footprint upgrade

Our industry experts review your LinkedIn profile and give you recommendations that get you found by recruiters in your target industry. Gain access to a private and shareable digital resume.

Interview prep and salary negotiation

Practice your interview skills with a professional HR manager to help you nail your next interview. Learn negotiation tactics that get you that salary and promotion you deserve.

Job search assistance

Our highly trained recruiters will share your resume with employers of interest on your behalf. We give you recommendations on how to approach job boards, applications, and strategic networking.

Executive coaching

We give you access to our network of executive coaches. They bring over a billion dollars in tech exits, including acquisitions from the likes of Yahoo and Twitter.

Unemployment filing guidance

Filing for unemployment is one of the most impactful actions during a career transition. But it can be incredibly confusing. Our coaches walk you through how to apply for unemployment.


What does the onboarding process look like and how long does it take?

Our onboarding process is customized to meet your specific needs and is determined by the package you choose. Onboarding turnaround time is under 48 hours.

What size of companies do you usually work with?

Our focus is less on company size and more around ensuring that your brand stays intact. We've worked with companies ranging from 50-person startups to Fortune 500 members.

How do you decrease "time to land" for my displaced employees?

While we cannot guarantee a former employee will get a job, we can ensure they have their best foot forward and are ready to be their best self when the time comes!

Do you work with all levels of employees including hourly workers and executives?

Yes. During our on-boarding process, we map out your organization and categorize each employee type. Once this is done, we pair each employee to an expert with experience coaching equal to the caliber of their role. From front desk folks and senior engineers to executive leadership, we have you covered.

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