RampUp helps Cynosure scale their sales team

45 days

Avg time to hire


Interviews scheduled


Single year hiring

"RampUp has been invaluable in speeding up our hiring process. We trust RampUp to find high-quality candidates fast."

Senior Director, Customer Experience

RampUp finds sales leadership for top commercial HVAC company


Total Annual Hires


Interview to hire


First year retention rate

"We've been very impressed with the candidates RampUp has found for us. We needed to scale our sales team fast, and the people RampUp found for us are foundational to our expansion and success."

- Regional Manager

RampUp helps Cipher Health rapidly scale

18 hires

In 90 days


First-year retention rate

5 Days

Avg time to hire from interview to offer accepted

“Our founders will come out of a meeting with investors and say, ‘We need seven new sales people in the next two months.’ The second there is a need, RampUp gives us 10-15 good candidates to talk to our team. RampUp really hits the gas when we need.”

- Director of Talent, Learning and Culture

RampUp  and HuemanRPO help Jacksonville health system break hiring records


Total Annual Hires


Net annual savings


Increase in hiring YOY

"I was charged with reducing premium labor spend and recognized... an opportunity with travelers. [They] worked hand and hand with hiring managers and RN leadership to ensure that there was a strong focus on these units."

- SVP of HR

“RampUp works with our internal team to handle the hiring process from end to end. We rely on them for the very best aesthetic candidates.”

- Director of Sales

“RampUp found us an amazing candidate very quickly and he has on-boarded beautifully into our company and our culture.”

- CEO, Founder

“Although we were a young company, RampUp got behind our vision and found us candidates that were as excited as we were.”

- CEO, Founder

“Our partnership with RampUp has been unmatched. They’ve been integral in building our talent pipeline and culture.”

- Head of People

“RampUp finds candidates that aren’t actively looking for jobs. We’ve found that those are the best hires.”

- Director of Talent Acquisition

“We pride ourself on our people, so we take hiring seriously. RampUp has become an extension of our team.”

- Regional Manager

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