Candidate FAQ

How do I become a member of RampUp & have the ability to be marketed to your clients?

You will simply need to apply by filling out your profile online. Typical candidacy approval time takes 24 to 48 hours from once your profile was fully created and submitted.

My profile was rejected, why? What should I do next?

Generally profiles are rejected because they are incomplete. Apply through again with your profile completely filled out. If you believe your candidacy was rejected in error, please send an email directly to

What countries does RampUp Serve?

We support companies and candidates across the US and Canada.

How do we select participants for each regularly occurring draft?

Draft selection is based on your market availability, as well as our clients’ needs from a skill set perspective.

We do our best to fill our Drafts with the talent best suited for our clientele at the time. We don’t want you to just participate. We want you to find your big break.

What am I committed to if I take part in the Draft?

Nothing! All we ask is for you to treat our clients with respect. Should you decide not to accept an interview request please notify the client as to why you wish to not peruse them as an option.

You can also work with your Relationship Manager who can relay information to the client directly on your behalf should you not be comfortable to do so.

Will my current employer be able to see my profile if they are RampUp client?

No chance. We have taken extreme measures and made large investments to keep your profile secure, confidential and hidden from the eyes of those whom you wish to keep it hidden from. Simply make sure to add them to you “Blocked Companies” list when building your profile.

When should I accept an interview request?

If your happy with the submitted offer details and client, we recommend you accept the interview request immediately.

Clients may be interviewing multiple candidates, so you’ll want to be sure to throw your name in the ring right away.

Can I accept multiple interviews?

Yes! We highly recommend that you do so. We want you to know at the end of the day when you accept an offer, that it is truly the right offer and client for you.

What if the offer that comes with the request to interview is too low?

If it’s in the ballpark, we recommend that you accept the interview request. We also recommend that you inform the client upfront as to what it is you don’t like about the offer, and what you are looking for.

Always be upfront and honest with a client. The goal of RampUp is to make finding a new job as efficient and effective as possible for both sides.

How long does it usually take to land a job?

It really depends on your availability and the position you are interviewing for. On average the entire process from 1st interview to Final Offer takes about 7 – 30 business days.

What if I go through the interview process, like the company, but not the offer?

We recommend that you contact us directly, we’ll assign you a Relationship Manager to assist and guide you through any and all negotiation efforts should you need.

Employer FAQ

How will I be able to identify talent to hire?

By participating in our regularly occurring public talent “draft” – OR- By initiating a personalized “private draft”.

A private draft is our version of a retained search, providing clients the ability to specify the exact criteria they are looking for in an open role and enlisting our team to build a an motivated as well qualified talent pool.

On the other hand our public draft consists of our highly curated pipeline of pre-vetted industry talent in active pursuit of new opportunities.

What happens if I’m not able to identify the talent needed in the Draft? Can I have access to review other candidates?

YES! Individual company DRAFT’s can be set up for the purpose of helping you find your ideal candidate in a timely fashion. For more information of how this is done, or to set up a separate DRAFT please contact your dedicated (Account Advocate or Relationship Manager).

What countries does RampUp Serve?

We support companies and candidates across the US and Canada.

Why should I use RampUp for my hiring needs?

Use our platform as a supplemental resource to your current hiring process and never pay a dime unless you successfully fill a role using our platform.

We expedite and streamline the talent identification process while acting as your own personal candidate database and applicant tracking system.

Hiring the wrong candidate can be not only time consuming but costly, so why not start with the right candidate from day ONE!

RampUp will allow you to easily navigate every stage of the hiring process, from sourcing talent to scheduling interviews and extending offers, simply… IDENTIFY…. ENGAGE….HIRE.

How do we curate our candidates?

Our incentivized talent referral program accounts for around 25% of our current candidate pool. The other 75% comes from a combination of strategic marketing, networking and talent sourcing.

Our “discrete” environment attracts a variety of currently employed and passively seeking candidates that would otherwise not expose themselves on other employment platforms for fear risking their current position.

What are the best practices when recruiting using RampUp?

#1 Lean on us. We’ve assigned you a specific account executive to assist you with any of your hiring needs… We’re here for you, let us know how we can help!

#2 Act swiftly. Keep candidates engaged and avoid losing them to another suitor by responding to any communication or request within 24 hours.

#3 Custom Communication. Roughly half of all interview requests are declined. To drastically increase your response rate, simply personalize your message to indicate why you are interested in a candidate.

#4 Don’t be nervous. If you’re excited about a particular candidate, extend them an offer! All offers are non-binding so you’ll have the opportunity to further explore the candidate during your regular interviewing process.

#5 Define your Differences. The majority of all interview requests are accepted for reasons other than highest salary offered. Accentuate your uniqueness and define what makes you different, culture, vision, career trajectory, etc…

#6 Interview. We’ve discovered that for best results, keep the momentum of the process moving forward and schedule interviews ASAP.

What happens if an interview request is not accepted?

Because we promote a completely transparent approach to hiring we are unable to guarantee that all interviews will be accepted. Instead we do our best to provide you with all of the elements that a particular candidate is seeking in their next gig and allow you to determine if there is a mutual fit.

When an offer to interview has been declined, we’ll make sure you are informed as to why the candidate did not accept your initial offer and if needed, assist you in composing an offer that may be more appealing.

Can I contact candidates found on RampUp outside of the your platform?

No! If a candidate who was identified through RampUp and then hired outside of the platform, you as the client are still responsible for paying the agreed upon fee to RampUp.

Please find terms here.

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